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Ezines (electronic magazines) and online Newsletters are one of the most effective mediums on the Internet to promote your business. They are the equivalent of conventional magazines/newsletters, but far more highly targeted and far, far cheaper to advertise in. In fact, many allow you to advertise free, while it’s fairly easy to enjoy totally free promotion through the others simply by submitting your own related and informative article.

Publishers of Ezines/Newsletters always want good content, it saves them time and effort writing it themselves. So if you have an interesting story to tell (article) your chances of advertising free in an Ezine/Newsletter are extremely good. As with most forms of Internet marketing, you must remember though not to make any of your material too sales-orientated. Online marketing is all about subtlety. Just use any article you submit to an ezine or newsletter, to direct prospects to your Web site.

Unlike Newsgroups you can obviously advertise blatantly in both these mediums which naturally accelerates your marketing. Indeed, the recipients of these electronic publications have not only actively requested to receive them, they have specifically selected the type of information that they’d like to be targeted with. Furthermore, because they are generally free, both ezines and online newsletters can have a huge subscriber base.

As with Newsgroups the number of ezines/Newsletters is growing all the time. There are already many hundreds of thousands available so it shouldn’t be too difficult to source quite a few related to the type of business you’re in. It’s a very, very exciting marketing arm of the Internet which you should definitely explore.

An obvious benefit is the quality of prospect you’ll be able to shop window your business to. These are groups of people who indicate a sustained interest in a particular topic, rather than a fleeting interest. And that can make them the kind of customers which are likely to invest both their time, and money, into related products and services over the long term. In other words, the type of customers you want.

If you decide to advertise in an Ezine or online newsletter, you should pretty much follow the copy rules you would apply if writing a classified ad for the conventional marketplace. The main two rules being:

  • Use a benefit-related headline to grab a prospects attention
  • Keep your ad brief and benefit-centred
Remember, the sole purpose of the advertisement is to attract prospects to your site. Nothing more! If you’re unsure about writing your own advertising copy, take a look at some of the back-issues of the ezines/newsletters which interest you (normally available in their archive sections).

Study the wording of the advertisements. Some of course will be poor (a surprisingly large number of businesses know very little about marketing/ advertising), others meanwhile will be very good. As a rough rule of thumb, take a closer look at those ads which actually intrigue you enough to visit the advertiser’s Web site.

To begin searching for suitable ezine/newsletters for your business, here’s some Web sites to check out:

In addition to ezines/newsletters you should also consider subscribing to a mailing list. There are tens of thousands of them now available. Incidentally, subscribing to doesn’t refer to a payment. On the Internet subscribing to a newsletter, Ezine, mailing list, discussion group, newsgroup etc is usually free. So don’t get confused by the term.

Mailing lists are very similar to ezines/newsletters, the only difference is that they also offer individuals a vehicle through which to express their opinions related to the subject-matter of the mailing list in question. Mailing lists are also very highly targeted and are subscribed to by individuals who’ve specifically asked to be put on that list. They are in effect saying, "yes, I am interested in this subject, send me regular electronic mailings about it..." If only traditional marketing were that easy!

For access to a huge database of over 90,000 mailing lists, visit the following Web site:

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