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Small Business Resources > Website Building > Speed


This applies to all of your pages on your site, but again is most important for your home page.

If you're a regular Internet surfer, you already know that the speed with which a site loads is of extreme importance. If you have to wait more than 10 seconds or so for a page to load you start to get impatient; if 20 to 30 seconds later the page is still not fully loaded chances are you've moved on to somewhere else and you never bother going back to that site.

What makes a site slow to load? It's mostly due to large graphics, backgrounds and animations etc. A background on your site should ideally be no more than 2k to 5k MAXIMUM. Your logo about the same. Each additional photograph or graphic should be kept as low as possible (even photographs with large physical dimensions should be no more than 10k-12k in file size).

As a rule of thumb, try to ensure that any page on you site is no larger than 30k in total, after accounting for all graphics, text plus logos and background. If you exceed this, your site will start to be very slow to load.

So when designing your page, limit the number of graphics. Size down the physical dimensions of any photos/graphics, then 'compress' the file size down as far as possible (using a programme such as Ulead Smartsaver - available as a free download at

Always consider your pages (your Home Page in particular) as if it was a billboard advertisement. People looking at a billboard as they drive past only glimpse at it fleetingly. They see only what has the most 'immediate impact'. Visitors treat your website the same way. If it doesn't immediately impress them (and to do this it must load fast!) they'll move on to the next site without a second glance at yours.

NB. To check the file size of any image on the web, right click with your mouse on the image, then click on 'properties'. This will tell you the file size.

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