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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How difficult is it to set up my Zednet site?

It's as simple as falling off a log! With your Zednet site there is no software installation for you to worry about. The software runs live on the Internet and will already be installed for you. You do not need to know anything about programming to customise your site, simply follow the point and click menu. If you can type (even with just one finger) and use a mouse, you can update your site.

Q. How much does the Web Space Cost?

Your Zednet site comes complete with 12 months hosting already included. There are no extra charges.

Q. How quickly can I get my Zednet site?

Your Zednet site will be set up for you within 24 business hours. When we set up your site we will input your basic details and logo (if applicable) and test the site to make sure it is working correctly. We will then email you with all the details and tell you how to access your control panel so you can customise your site and add your products.

Q. What about support?

Your new Zednet site comes with a detailed Users Guide. This is a fully illustrated, step by step guide covering all the main features and explaining exactly how to customise your Zednet site. We have found that with the aid of the Users Guide most people do not need any further help but if required we also provide full email support.

Q. What kind of computer do I need?

As long as you have access to the Internet you can use the software. So, you can run your Zednet eStore from a PC, MAC or even Web TV.

Q. Will I have to install any upgrades?

No. As part of the Zednet package, we provide a free upgrade service. Any upgrades will be automatically uploaded to your site.

Q. What name can I choose for my site?

You can choose whatever name you wish. Your site URL will be zednet.co.uk/yourname. We suggest you use your company name. It is better to keep it short and simple.

Q. Can I have my own domain name?

Yes, we can arrange for you to have your own domain for an additional charge. However, we find that most people are perfectly happy with a Zednet domain name.

Q. How secure is my site?

Access to the parts of your site where changes can be made are password protected. You can change your password at any time.

Q. Can I take orders over the Internet?

Yes. You can start taking orders from day one. Your site includes access to our secure server so your customers can order with confidence. Simply tell the Software you require an order form to be built and thereafter every product you add will automatically be added to your order form. The order form can be updated to include the information you require (e.g. Shipping options, VAT). Your customer simply fills out the details and submits the form. An email is then automatically forwarded to your own secure email address.

Q. How often can I update my site?

You can update your site whenever you wish. Using the templates and menu provided you can change the text on the main pages, change your background and logo and add, delete or edit your product listings (including pictures) as often as you like. It's as simple as filling out a form.

Q. Can I add photos to my site?

Yes. You can add either one or two photographs to each product listing. If the photograph is located on your computer or a floppy disc you can simply and quickly upload it to your site by selecting the file and clicking a button. You do not need to know about programming - the software does it all automatically for you.

Q. What about HTML and FTP?

HTML is the code that Web pages are written in and FTP is the programming method of uploading pages to the Internet. All of the alterations you carry out to your site using the menu are automatically converted into the HTML code and uploaded to the site. The Software does it all for you, so there is no programming required.

Q. How can I try out the Software first?

Easy. Visit our Demo Site. Here you can open up the menu and try out the features. Remember somebody may have been there before you so don’t be surprised if the site has been altered! We have also disabled certain functions to prevent the site from being damaged.

Q. What does a standard site look like - I want to know what I will get?

We have provided a sample Standard Site as part of our Demonstration Suite so you will know what to expect. However, your site can be provided to you with your company details and logo etc. already input (see Silver and Gold Plans) or fully completed and set up with all your text, graphics and photos on (see Platinum Plan).

Q. What does my site include?

The standard Zednet Package includes the following:

  • Your own eCommerce ready Website based on proven templates which can be customised to your needs.
  • A product listings page - for you to display your list of products or services.
  • Individual product pages - a page for each product including up to two photographs and unlimited text.
  • Fully Automatic Secure Order Form - A fully secure order form facility that will automatically include all your products. Can be customised to suit your needs or can be "disabled" if not required.
  • Site search facility - An inbuilt search engine.
  • Contact us page - Includes a ready made 'contact us' form for your customers to complete.
  • E mail forwarding - email from the site is forwarded directly to your own existing email account.
  • Up to 3 additional pages for you to use how you wish.
  • Meta Tags - so that search engines can find your site.
  • Site Hosting - All hosting fees are included in the package.
  • Logo - your logo if provided to us can be input on all the main pages (Silver, Gold, Platinum Plans).
For full details of all the different Website plans to choose from, click here.

Q. How much does a Zednet Site Cost?

The Standard package described above including your eCommerce ready Website with 12 months hosting costs from only £495 +VAT.

Q. Do you provide further services?

Yes, whilst using the Instant Website Software is very easy, it may be that you do not wish to initially put all your details and products on your site yourself so we can arrange to do that for you. This includes:

  • All your text input on all the main pages for you.
  • Your logo graphics and any backgrounds required.
  • The site designed in your own colour scheme.
  • The order form customised to your needs.
  • Your first ten products added to your site (including photos if supplied).
  • Each feature will then be fully checked and we will email you to let you know the site is ready.
For full details, view our Platinum Plan.

Q. How do I order?

A. Please choose from our Website Plans then complete the Order Form and send it to us. Your new eCommerce Website will then be produced for you within 24 business hours of our receiving your order.

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