Paintings by Gordon Davidson - Goatfell Twilight

Goatfell Twilight - Isle of Arran

32 x 38 inches
Acrylic on canvas
Gordon Davidson

About the Artist

Gordon Davidson graduated from the Glasgow School of Art. He took part in many exhibitions before 90`s Gallery offered him his first solo exhibition in Glasgow in`88.
The exhibition, Space Kids received wide media coverge including the national news programme Reporting Scotland. He received a Stella Artois award in the same year for his contribution to the arts in Scotland.

Gordon continued to exhibit in Scotland over the next few years. He exhibited in Denmark in a three nation exhibition and had a solo drawing show in Canada.

His second solo Scottish show came in`93, again in 90`s, but by now things had changed from his illustrative work to a more powerful,moody and atmospheric style-- The Landscapes exhibition was painted in gouache using a dry brush technique.

Gordon's drawings have always been a strong point and many figure and life drawing work was exhibited during the city of culture celebrations in Glasgow in 1990.

His favourite exhibitions include Connections in the Glasgow School of Art alongside Peter Graham, Annette Edgar, James Gorman and Don McNeil, Auchenames with Alasdair Taylor and George Wylie and Past and Present in `98 along side some of the finest artists from Scotland over the past two hundred years including
Charles Rennie MacKintosh, Jessie M.King, Jack Knox and Sir David Murray.

Gordon's photographs and illustrations have appeared in books, magazines and record covers.

His contemporary influences are the Skye etcher Tom MacKenzie, who also captures the dramatic landscapes of Scotland, Peter Graham's limited colours and the draughtsmanship of James Gorman. Historical likes? ... Da Vinci, Rembrandt
and Kandinsky.

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