Paintings by Laura Newbury - Moorland Landscape

Moorland Landscape - Sold

Location: Culloden, Invernesshire
Size: 81 x 121 cm
Water based paint on card

Laura Newbury

About The Artist
Schooling having been completed at Inverness Royal Academy Laura's portfolio artwork presentation was accepted for the prestigious (internationally renowned) Fine Art honours degree course at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art- 1979 to 1984.

The course is unique in offering over a 5 year period the opportunity for extensive academic study and development of practical skill. It consists of a full art college degree programme with a full art history honours degree course and a final Degree Show. During the Degree Show all Laura's work was bought and is now with private art collectors including an Edinburgh architects firm. The course included study abroad, working in Florence and Siena. This was to be the first of many opportunities to journey to major art centres over the following years.

The Development Process
Having gained a postgraduate art teaching degree Laura went on to teach in secondary and primary schools.
Whilst continuing to develop her own style and exhibit work Laura also became interested in developing teaching techniques to heighten visual awareness and unlock the creative process, as well as producing teaching programmes to introduce art history and art appreciation to students of all levels. Later, Laura and London based artist Rebecca Price worked together on art teaching programmes and during the 1990's they were invited to teach intensive short courses at venues mainly in Cambridgeshire and Central Region, Scotland.

The Japanese Influence
The opportunity to visit Japan in 1988 had been influential in creating a dramatic change of style. Laura also developed a technique of painting in series (groups of paintings showing different aspects of the same subject). Each series progressed from representational work to abstract and under this new influence she produced Japanese-style folding screens depicting the Japanese garden theme.

On returning from Japan Laura exhibited and sold widely. She continued painting in series using Scottish garden themes finding inspiration in the Italianate garden at Drummond Castle. Laura continued to develop her own style during this period, working on a large scale.

The British Influence
Although influenced by the British artists Ivon Hitchons, Howard Hodgkin (on seeing their exhibitions in Edinburgh) and Winifred Nicholson, she continued to develop her own style during this period, working large scale. She also drew inspiration from the Scottish Colourists especially Peploe and made painting expeditions to some of the same places where they worked.

Today Laura is comfortable in both abstract and representional styles. She has acquired many patrons and a written commendation from Richard Demarco. Laura is currently working and teaching in Stirlingshire where she lives with her 8 year old twins.

On this run you can view some twenty examples of Laura's work.

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